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Learning Techniques, Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Dawn Hillstrom M.A.. In this endeavor, Ms. Hillstrom realized her dream of helping to facilitate learning by employing techniques and approaches specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each student. In addition, Learning Techniques, Ltd. is a Wilson® Accredited Partner.
Our Services for Students
Staff members provide specialized individual instruction to all ages, from children to adults. Whether dealing with learning disabled, academically challenged, average, or advanced students, the needs and welfare of each student are key concerns in selecting approaches to facilitate, promote, and enhance learning.
Our Services for Teachers
As a Wilson® Accredited Partner, we are dedicated to providing educators the resources they need to help their students become fluent, independent readers. We invite you to explore the rich variety of offerings that are available to educators and professionals.
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To accommodate the busy schedules of students and their families, we maintain a flexible-hour schedule six days per week, Monday through Saturday, throughout the year. One-hour learning sessions are scheduled at times that are mutually convenient for students, families and teachers, including mornings, afternoons and evenings, weekdays and weekends. Summer programs are also available.