About  Learning Techniques, Ltd.

There is more than one way to learn, and various approaches can be used to achieve the desired goal. Learning Techniques, Ltd. is staffed by trained professionals who have intimate understanding of the most effective methods and techniques by which learning can be achieved.


Learning Techniques, Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Dawn Hillstrom M.A.. In this endeavor, Ms. Hillstrom realized her dream of helping to facilitate learning by employing techniques and approaches specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each student.


Whether dealing with learning disabled, academically challenged, average, or advanced students, the needs and welfare of each student are key concerns in selecting approaches to facilitate, promote, and enhance learning.


In addition, Learning Techniques, Ltd is an accredited partner. Wilson® Accredited Partner status affirms that the Partner meets Wilson Language Training® (WLT) standards for excellence in the delivery of Wilson® professional learning and business practices, and has been reviewed by Wilson Language Training. To become a Wilson® Accredited Partner, an organization must successfully complete a robust accreditation review process. Prerequisites include having a qualified Wilson® Credentialed Trainer on staff. Other than Wilson Language Training, only Wilson Accredited Partners are licensed to deliver Wilson® training to teachers and tutors. WLT vigorously protect against others delivering Wilson Training in order to maintain the integrity of their programs.


Dawn is a Wilson® Credentialed Trainer. The requirements to achieve the status of Wilson Credentialed Trainer are significant and typically take three years to complete in addition to a full year Trainer internship. Wilson Credentialed Trainers must have an advanced degree, have substantial experience in the education field, and be proficient in Wilson® programs through extensive training. 


“You have to reach a child’s heart in order to open his mind to learning. Our goal is to teach life-long learning skills.”

– Dawn Hillstrom