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Our Goals 

Committed to the highest standards of excellence, Learning Techniques, Ltd. consistently maintains the following Goals:


  • Provide effective, alternative techniques to facilitate learning.

  • Provide a high caliber of expertise and trained professionals who specialize in identifying an individual’s learning style and matching that style with the optimum learning technique.

  • Employ a one-on-one learning approach, devoting all available session time exclusively to one student.

  • Build self confidence into the learning process so that each individual can approach the academic world without fear.

  • Create compelling reasons to learn.

  • Teach each individual the skills that will enable him or her to become a self-reliant, independent learner.

  • Create an environment that draws upon all available resources, including those of Learning Techniques, Ltd., the student, and the family and school if necessary or required.

  • Providing a caring atmosphere where the student receives truly personalized and focused attention, where concerns can be addressed with ease and understanding, where apprehensions fade, and where the focus is on the student. 


In order to effectively address the needs of the student, Learning Techniques, Ltd. provides the following:


  • Individualized assessment of student goals and needs, coupled with a program and approaches tailored to meet those needs, including independent home assignments given after each session, if appropriate.

  • A comprehensive, multi-sensory program, which addresses visual, auditory, and tactile strategies to enhance personal skills.

  • An environment that is dedicated to a concern for the whole person.

  • Ongoing dialogue and communication with parent(s).

  • A method of contact and communication with the student’s school if necessary and required.

  • A keen sensitivity and compassionate understanding of the emotions that are part of the realization that alternative methods of learning may be necessary.

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